Increase Productivity & Safety With IoT

  • Fleet Management & Asset Tracking
  • Backup Internet Network (Internet Failover)
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Intelligent Camera Systems
Incorporating IoT Into Your Facility Can Empower Your Warehouse To Run At Its Peak. By Optimizing Environmental Factors Through The Use Of IoT Business Can Mitigate Risk Due To Product Loss.
Fleet Management
Fleet Management & Asset Tracking

Get industry-leading real-time location system (RTLS) software to manage a multitude of purposes—from maximizing workflow efficiency to safety and way-finding (GPS)—including inventory/asset control. Easily scale or manage your organization’s assets with intelligent RTLS technology that enables insight and monitoring accurately, cost-effectively, and with less complexity. Get real-time updates on vehicle analytics to prevent costly repairs and avoid unnecessary expenses. Through cloud-based management and monitoring platforms, your fleet will be safe, reliable, and secure.

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Distributed Antenna Systems

Never lose coverage when you need it most. Ensuring in-building cellular signal compliance is prevalent in the safety of any private or public building. Eliminate drop calls due to poor signal and weak reception with a distributed antenna system.

Enhance communication with industry-standard cellular equipment. Multi-carrier agnostic repeaters allow us to seamlessly integrate systems enabling quick and more cost-effective deployments.

Asset Tracking in the warehouse
Environmental Monitoring

Indoor environments are two to five times more toxic than outdoor environments. Reduce health hazards in your company and improve product quality by contacting us today.

Environmental monitoring can also be utilized to ensure product quality in controlled environments such as refrigerated warehouses. Environmental Monitoring allows managers to understand and analyze workplace conditions transforming data into a solution. Reduce health hazards in your company and improve product quality by contacting us today.

Smart Security
Intelligent Camera Systems

Smart CCTV has blended IoT and AI recognition software, understanding the feed and making sense of the images that it records. This replaces the need for having a security department with a room full of employees always watching an area.

IoT Smart CCTV uses cloud storage instead of personal servers, allowing businesses to save their video for access anywhere.

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