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Cities around the world are transitioning to smarter, more connected infrastructure. Using IoT to increase public safety, access, waste reduction, and so much more, Smart Cities are paving new avenues to a better tomorrow.

Change The World Around You With IoT

Traffic Control

IoT Traffic Control Systems have mounted sensors that capture both the weather and the current amount of traffic present on a particular road. Weather sensors automatically increase or reduce the intensity and brightness of the traffic lights, helping improve visibility in murky or hard to see the weather. Traffic sensors monitor the gridlock and provide routes to divert traffic, reducing the chances of traffic jams from occurring.

Emissions Monitoring

Air Management Tools collect and analyze air pollution data to make emission forecasts. Helping cities identify pollution causes and use that data to take appropriate action to reduce their environmental footprint.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting allows cities to both reduce energy consumption and expand private IoT network coverage by incorporating an IoT grid into the lighting fixtures.

Parking Management

Sensors have been installed in parking lots, recording when a driver leaves a particular parking lot, informing drivers of areas where there are available parking spaces.

Our Smart City Solutions

Data Solutions Group provides a comprehensive smart city solution, helping create better communities and a sustainable future. Providing you the foundations for your city to improve infrastructure efficiencies, create safer neighborhoods, lower environmental impact, and enhance the quality of life for all your citizens.

Offering Smart Lighting, Digital Signage, Pollution Sensors, Emergency Vehicle Sensors, and Traffic control system, we provide cities a complete solution catering to all your needs.

Improve your city operations and infrastructure, giving your citizens a chance to live a better life.