Create A Safe Learning Environment With IoT

  • Backup Internet Network (Internet Failover)
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Intelligent Camera Systems (Now with temperature monitoring)
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
Smart Education Facilities Utilize An Interconnected Network Of IoT Sensors, Intelligent Lighting, Video Surveillance, And Campus-Wide Cellular Coverage.
Network Failover Redundancy
Internet Failover

Today’s smart campus network is more than a vital IT asset, the purpose of connectivity designs evolves around increasing productivity, efficiency, learning, and safety. So, having a redundant backup plan is crucial to keep things running smoothly. A converged access network simplifies campus LAN and WWAN management. This eliminates the possibility of downtime caused by outages in the network using traditional wireless broadband connections.

Public Safety in the park
Environmental Monitoring

Indoor atmospheres can be toxic, environmental monitoring. IoT enables managers to understand and analyze campus conditions reducing potential health hazards. Candles, household cleaning products, gases from heating and cooking all carry toxins that pollute a percentage of air in indoor environments. Deploy IoT-based sensors to monitor air quality, temperature, relative humidity and more.

Smart Security
Intelligent Camera Systems

Keep schools safe by providing additional security with IoT allowing students to look forward to learning without the worries of danger or threats. The plan to reopen campuses nationwide are faced with new challenges in safety. As the rate of infections increases, IoT Solution Providers race to integrate smart technology into learning facilities. AI incorporated camera systems are designed to read human body temperature remotely, providing both instant and accurate results.

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Distributed Antenna Systems

Public safety and communication play an essential role in all learning facilities. Delivering adequate in-building cellular coverage, passive-distributed antenna systems that are multi-carrier operable with capacity for large facilities and venues. Public safety units are designed to maximize the frequency bands for communications to police, fire, and emergency response services. Robust and easily scalable, a passive DAS deployment is generally favored due to its cost.

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