Public Safety

Public Safety

Providing Safety Through Connectivity

Connectivity, Monitoring, and Control—IoT and public safety have a long history from internet-equipped first responder vehicles to point-to-point connected facilities. At Data Solutions Group, Inc., we are proud to be part of this heritage and extend the latest in IoT technology to our First Responders.


Public Safety

Public safety is a crucial and hard task for all governments. Crime holds back the tools needed for economic development and city growth, as citizens flee from a city that fails to provide essential public safety. As crime problems become more prevalent, having policing strategies and systems is crucial in reducing the harm to citizens.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has bridged the gap in promoting public safety through the use of sensors, electronics, software, and connectivity. Collecting and exchanging data, analyzing trends that can prevent future crimes from happening.

Public Safety in the field
Public Safety in the park

Enhance Citizen and Public Safety

IoT video monitoring and analysis provides an additional layer of protection to help citizens feel safer. Smart technology and advanced audio capability have removed blind spots, low-quality imagery, and slow data retrieval, allowing government figures to detect vehicle license plates, facial identification, and monitor footage. Collecting and analyzing indicators of potential violence, reducing the chances of possible crimes, or acts by notifying nearby personnel to check on areas immediately.

Blending in IoT and AI can help relieve security personnel's burden in covering large amounts through the use of AI-powered security robots. They can patrol the streets of smart cities, identifying potential threats through the use of sensors and cameras. With their presence, they can prevent basic crimes, executing basic security procedures such as search operations and crowd control, notifying human officers on escalated situations or potential threats to public safety.


Building and Crowd Control

Access to high-security places, including airports, power plants, banks, and military bases, can ensure that only authorized personnel enters your building. Multi-factor authentication, biometric scanning, and facial recognition are further laid of security that can be implemented in your facility to protect the most sensitive parts of your building.

Implementations of RFID technology through ticketing can help speed up the ticket checking process of millions of people without compromising security. Stored in smartphones, they can be immediately communicated with security systems that allow the right personnel to pass without requiring manual guarding, resulting in more effective strategies for security personnel to monitor more difficult situations or areas of your building.

As large crowds create chaos for public safety, effective monitoring procedures are crucial for citizen protection. Busy streets, intersections, shopping areas, and metro stations are prime areas for individuals carrying explosives and weapons. Implementing the use of public safety security sensors, the software can look out for suspicious and harmful items in real-time, allowing personnel to be dispatched to check the object.

Public Safety in the airport
Traffic Control

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion cost US vehicle owners almost $300 billion in wasted time and fuel, losing over an average of 104 hours in 2017. Managing traffic is one of the most significant issues that city governments have. Minimizing all traffic issues and optimizing traffic lights is crucial in reducing accidents and improved traffic flow.

IoT Traffic Control Systems have mounted sensors that capture both the weather and the current amount of traffic present on a particular road. Weather sensors automatically increase or reduce the intensity and brightness of the traffic lights, helping improve visibility in murky or hard to see the weather. Traffic sensors monitor the gridlock and provide routes to divert traffic, reducing the chances of traffic jams from occurring.


Disaster Prevention and Response

Road accidents have become more prevalent in society today. As 20% of emergency patient deaths were caused by traffic jams, finding a better solution is crucial in saving more lives. The traffic control system detects any road accident immediately and provides an optimized route for emergency services to get to the accident and hospital as soon as possible.

Using a Geographic information system (GIS) to gain critical data to track accidents, damages, prioritize response needs, and inform the public on how to stay safe. The sensor can measure temperature, pressure, smoke, humidity, and water pressure that immediately alert government officials about significant weather events.

Wildfires can be detected and determined, how far and fast it is spreading. Hurricane and Tsunamis can be identified through the change of water levels. Chemical leaks can be detected immediately from factories, storage tanks, and plants to alert workers immediately to evacuate.

IoT helps connect and communicate with citizens to provide the information needed to get them to safety and the government to give the response team to gain a clear picture of the emergency situation, allowing them to make the best choices for public safety.

Public Safety fire truck
Public Safety Internet

Our Public Safety Solutions

Data Solutions Group provides an industrial-grade public safety internet and antenna solution, perfect for any first responders, transportation, and fleet, and public transport. Our unique routers allow internet connectivity across the country. Providing constant cloud-based software and firmware updates, configurations, security patches, and maintenance of devices, ensuring every person can always connect to the people they need.

Able to handle extended temperature ranges and the roughest of terrains, it's the best public safety internet system to handle all situations. Be prepared for all situations today.

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