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Our skilled team of engineers & certified installers are ready to help boost your cellular reception. We have experience with many types of networks and equipment so that we can get you connected in any environment.

The Problem

Mobile Connectivity Variables

It is without a doubt, mobile devices play a considerable role in communications. As cell phones take more prevalence, the need for wireless continuity is constant. Many mobile devices receive good reception outside, although most calls are placed indoors. Depending on your location, the type of building materials surrounding may disrupt the incoming and outgoing signals. The distance you are from a tower can directly corelate the quality of carrier signals received. From this, users may experience dropped calls, missed calls, and poor reception in these locations. Negatively affecting safety as well as productivity, little is known about how to mitigate these issues until now. 

Cell access is a big issue problem*

  • 92% of Americans own a cell phone
  • 42% own a tablet computer
  • 72% experienced dropped calls
  • 77% of cell internet users experience slow download speed

*Pew Research Center, 2015

The Solution

Expanding Wireless Network Coverage

Passive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), amplifies and re-radiates an existing outside cellular signal through the use of a “donor” antenna and rebroadcasts the signal inside of a building.

How it Works

  1. The outside antenna reaches out to the macro cell tower to access voice and data signals.
  2. The booster receives the outside signal from the outside antenna.
  3. The booster amplifies the outside signal 32x and sends it to the inside antenna.
  4. The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal to the devices inside the home.
How Signal Boosters Work

Never Loose Coverage Where You Need It Most

With In-building cellular enhancements, we are able to boost the cellular signal strength through your entire facility. Our systems allow for remote maintenance so that we or your technical team can adjust for any settings without the need to be on site. Robust antennas, amplifiers and transmitters provide strong and complete coverage.


  • Office Building
  • Warehouse
  • Shopping Center
  • In Vehicle
  • School Campus
  • Public Safety / First Responders (FirstNet)
  • Hospital
  • Retrofit or New Construction
Passive DAS

At Home Signal Boosters

DSG uses equipment classified by the FCC as “consumer” boosters for residential applications. Installation is without any pre-approval or coordination with the carriers which makes for quicker deployment times and is a considerable option. Improve call quality throughout your home with an in-building cellular system.

In-Building Cellular Enhancement System

Enhance communications with industry-standard cellular equipment such as amplifiers, signal boosters, passive DAS, and antennas to help improve productivity, eliminate poor signal quality, and low reception environments. Multi-carrier agnostic repeaters allow us to seamlessly integrate systems enabling quick and more cost-effective deployments.

FCC & Carrier Approved

FCC “Part 20” Consumer Passive DAS

All the manufacture’s products we integrate meet 2014 FCC Part 20 and IC requirements, are FCC certified, and accepted by all US carriers. “Consumer” is only a category and in no way dictates the actual case usage of a booster. “Consumer” means it meets the FCC Part 20, Signal Amplifier Ruling, and therefore has been approved by carriers.

Alternately, the “Industrial” category refers to products that require direct carrier approval for each installation and can be costly to deploy. Granting “FCC Part 20” passive DAS solutions to be a more cost-effective approach to In-building cellular enhancements. DSG will register new amplifiers installed with the carriers as a procedure to simply ensure its location is known to them.


WilsonPro 1050 booster kit

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Enhance communication with industry-standard cellular equipment such as amplifiers, signal boosters, Passive DAS, and antennas to help improve productivity and eliminate poor signal quality and low reception environments. Multi-carrier agnostic repeaters allow us to seamlessly integrate systems enabling quick and more cost-effective deployments. 

No job is too big or too small, regardless of the scope in coverage areas needed, these systems are designed to cover spaces between 1,000 sqft. to over 500,000 sqft. DSG will provide an on-site survey for signal testing, professional design proposals, and an itemized bill of materials list required for the successful implementation of cellular boosters, repeaters, or passive DAS solutions.