Passive DAS / Cellular Signal Boosters


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Our skilled team of engineers are ready to help boost your cellular reception. We have experience with many types of networks and equipment so that we can get you connected in any environment.


Never Loose Coverage Where You Need It Most

We are able to boost the cellular signal strength through your entire facility. Our systems allow for remote maintenance so that we or your technical team can adjust for any settings without the need to be on site. Robust antennas, amplifiers and transmitters allow for strong and complete coverage.


  • Office Building

  • Warehouse

  • Shopping Center

  • In Vehicle

  • School Campus

  • Public Safety / First Responders (FirstNet)

  • Hospital

  • Retrofit or New Construction

Network Failover Redundancy
WilsonPro Enterprise 4300R

Stay Connected With DSG

Enhance communication with industry-standard cellular equipment such as amplifiers, signal boosters, Passive DAS, and antennas to help improve productivity and eliminate poor signal quality and low reception environments. Multi-carrier agnostic repeaters allow us to seamlessly integrate systems enabling quick and more cost-effective deployments. No job is too big or too small, regardless of the scope in coverage areas needed, these systems are designed to cover spaces between 1,000 sqft. to 500,000 sqft. DSG will provide an on-site survey for signal testing, professional design proposals, and an itemized bill of materials list required for the successful implementation of cellular boosters, repeaters, or passive DAS solutions.

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