Increase Productivity & Safety With IoT

  • Smart Security
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Employee Health Screening
IoT Has Many Applications In The Modern Office Building. By Taking Advantage Of The Latest Technology, Offices Are Able To Reduce Operating Costs, Increase Throughput And Improve On Levels Of Safety.
Smart Security
Smart Security Systems

Smart CCTV has blended IoT and AI recognition software, understanding the feed and making sense of the images that it records. This replaces the need for having a security department with a room full of employees always watching an area.

IoT Smart CCTV uses cloud storage instead of personal servers, allowing businesses to save their video for access anywhere.

Office Building
Environmental Monitoring

Indoor environments are two to five times more toxic than outdoor environments. With 80% of all cancers attributed to environmental factors rather than genetic factors, having sensors is crucial.

Environmental Monitoring IoT allows managers and business leaders to understand and analyze the workplace conditions and transform that data into a solution. Reduces health hazards in the company and improving the safety of your workplaces.

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Distributed Antenna Systems

Never lose coverage when you need it most. Ensuring in-building cellular signal compliance is prevalent in the safety of any private or public building. Eliminate drop calls due to poor signal and weak reception with a distributed antenna system.

Enhance communication with industry-standard cellular equipment. Multi-carrier agnostic repeaters allow us to seamlessly integrate systems enabling quick and more cost-effective deployments.

InHand Bosy Temperature Reading Kiosk
Employee Health Screening

As businesses around the world are planning to reopen their doors, keeping the staff and customers safe is of the utmost priority. Equipped with advanced infrared image sensors, this body temperature reading kiosk can make fast and accurate detections. Scanning instantaneously with readings within 1 second. This Solution supports several modes including a walk-by mode which will scan multiple people at a time in rapid succession making interruptions to normal activities very minimal.

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