IoMT The Future Of Healthcare

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Compliance and Monitoring
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Smart Security
  • Network Failover Redundancy
IoMT Devices Are Designed To Be Quick And Easily Deployable. By Utalizing LTE Networks DSG IoMT Systems Can Be Completely Secure And Separate From Existing Networks.
Remote Patient & Environmental Monitoring

IoMT devices are designed to be quick and easily deployable, enabling medical professionals to remotely monitor the vitals of their patients. Controlled lab environments can be kept in compliance with ease by utilizing IoMT. DSG provides solutions that include network infrastructure, sensors, and cloud interface platforms for ease of use.

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Distributed Antenna Systems

Never lose coverage where you need it most, especially in emergencies. Ensuring in-building cellular signal compliance is prevalent in the safety of any private or public building. Stay connected with innovative booster technology including 5G ready hardware, remote access capabilities, and automatic gain controls.

Smart Security
Smart Security Systems

IoT Smart CCTV uses cloud storage instead of personal servers, allowing facilities to save their live streams and recordings, saving you time and money that you can spend on more critical business areas. By utilizing inferred technology and AI we are able to also provide solutions that allow the monitoring of human body temperature.

Network Failover Redundancy
Network Failover Redundancy

Eliminate downtime caused by outages by factoring in our intelligent business continuity solutions. DSG offers high-speed LTE internet failover solutions incorporating the latest in technology to ensure your facility never experiences loss connectivity. Our systems can also be utilized to provide remote or mobile internet when needed.

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