Providing Safety Through Connectivity

  • In Vehicle Internet
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Intelligent Camera Systems
Connectivity, Monitoring, And Control—IoT And Public Safety Have A Long History From Internet-Equipped First Responder Vehicles To Point-To-Point Connected Facilities. At Data Solutions Group, Inc., We Are Proud To Be Part Of This Heritage And Extend The Latest In IoT Technology To Our First Responders.
Network Failover Redundancy
In Vehicle Internet

Public safety is a crucial and hard task for all governments. Crime holds back the tools needed for economic development and city growth, as citizens flee from a city that fails to provide essential public safety. As crime problems become more prevalent, having policing strategies and systems is crucial in reducing the harm to citizens. A key resource utilized by first responders if mobile internet, DSG is proud to offer this service to those that protect and serve our country.

Smart Cities
Environmental Monitoring

The Internet of Things (IoT) has bridged the gap in promoting public safety through the use of sensors, electronics, software, and connectivity. Collecting and exchanging data, analyzing trends that can prevent future crimes from happening. By monitoring environmental variables first responders fan maintain assets with ease.

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Distributed Antenna Systems

Never lose coverage where you need it most, especially in emergencies. Ensuring in-building cellular signal compliance is prevalent in the safety of any private or public building. Eliminate drop calls due to poor signal and weak reception with a distributed antenna system. We at DSG only utilizes the latest in signal boosting technology including boosters with FirstNet compatibility.

Smart Security
Intelligent Camera Systems

IoT video monitoring and analysis provides an additional layer of protection to help citizens feel safer. Smart technology and advanced audio capability have removed blind spots, low-quality imagery, and slow data retrieval, allowing government figures to detect vehicle license plates, facial identification, and monitor footage. Collecting and analyzing indicators of potential violence, reducing the chances of possible crimes, or acts by notifying nearby personnel to check on areas immediately.

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