The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the grouping of medical devices and applications that attach to healthcare IT systems. Medical devices equipped with radio frequency transmitters permitting machine-to-machine correspondence which is the premise of IoMT.

The development of technology has empowered IoMT to change the shape of the healthcare sector. As more and more digital devices are interconnecting, consistently collecting, assessing, and sending information, we gain fundamental bits of knowledge into data important to give better quality healthcare. These temperature monitoring sensors provide solutions regarding the medical needs in hospitals and pharmacies throughout the world.

Rather than investing resources monitoring, gathering, and reporting information, a nurse or a medical helper can use valuable time performing other significant tasks, by taking advantage of IoMT. The temperature and relative humidity (T/RH) sensors take on these tasks, monitoring refrigerators both remotely and locally while leveraging LoRaWAN to greatly reduce deployment times. A sensor network system offers remote temperature observing for vaccine refrigerators in hospitals and health facilities so health workers can more securely monitor life-sparing medications.

A sensor is put inside a refrigeration unit transferring on the current temperature and relative humidity to observing personnel. Due to the increase in demand on medical during these tumultuous times, this IoMT technology is a lot more helpful than ever before. The T/RH system provides aid to the faculties allowing them to focus towards the patients and provide properly maintained medicine and vaccines.

The IP class 68 hermetic enclosure guarantees that nothing, such as dust or moisture, can alter the consistent environmental monitoring of the sensor system. IoMT sensors placed in clinical refrigeration to monitor temperature and humidity where medications and vaccines are stored can ensure the regulating environment does not alter thus affecting the purpose of the medicine. Sensor systems to replace the human interactions have proven to be beneficial for the improvement in operational efficiencies, sparing you important time and resources where health is at cost.

Data Solutions Group provides medical centers with precision data over a customizable dashboard. The Data Solutions Group IoMT Dashboard utilizes a cloud-based portal to analyze conditions, examine data and give alerts. By ensuring that medical staff can be notified immediately upon a change in temperature we help to eliminate quality issues of what is being stored. Alarms can be transmitted via e-mail or SMS text to ensure that staff knows immediately when refrigeration has failed.

The FDA and CDC have put into effect law and recommendations for proper storage of vaccines and medications. Record keeping is a crucial task involved in these practices that can be quite time consuming and prone to error when performed manually. By implementing an IoMT solution medical facilities are able to save large quantities of labor and increase reliability over manual monitoring protocols.

Roman Chernihiv, SVP for healthcare and life sciences at global technology consulting firm DataArt, said “connected IoMT technologies are doing great things in the healthcare world”. He further said, These developments will radically change how diseases are diagnosed. Medical conditions will be predicted as a result of big data and constant monitoring of health information using IoT platforms. The DSG temperature monitoring solution is an ideal choice to meet current vaccine program management requirements including the CDC recommendations and VFC (Vaccines for Children) Program requirements.

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