IoT Connecting The World Around You

From device to cloud to data delivery, the Internet of Things is the next generation of smart collection and management systems. Smart devices collect data from sensors to transfer your vital information into the cloud for processing and reporting.

Benefits Of IoT
  • Automation & Control
  • Hardware/Software Communication
  • Monitoring Data & Analytics
  • Remote Accessing Platforms
  • Improve Operations
  • Optimizing Productivity

Machine To Machine

IoT enables machine-to-machine (M2M) communication eliminating human error in a broad range of technologies and applications. By making everyone and everything smarter, your business will gain leverage, increase efficiency, and reduce expenses. IoT is transforming the industry at a rapid pace. DSG is the partner you need to produces your own seamlessly integrated IoT system.

Creating A Smarter System

Data Solutions Group, Inc. focuses on bringing the most important components of IoT solutions to you. Utilizing (but not being limited to) IP-capable devices means we can directly connect to IoT platforms through a TCP/IP stack embedded within software and firmware. These devices make outbound internet connections ensuring seamless onboarding for your company’s IoT solution.

IoT Applications (M2M)
Internet of Things - Machine to Machine
Intelligent Machines

Machine learning gives you the ability to analyze and extract data from devices weaving together interconnected devices that give you real-time information.  Your applications are made possible because of data exchange between your platform and the cloud.


3G/4G LTE & 5G Ready Devices Available

Designed for future-proof technologies, DSG, Inc. applies 5G-ready devices along with LTE-M from the top two-tiered carrier networks allowing your IoT devices the proper network channels they need to transmit data directly to the cloud.