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We understand that when traveling, for business or pleasure, customers still have a need to be connected. Connect your fleet with a fast and secure mobile Internet connection today. Find out how!

Confidently Ensure Constant Anywhere-Connectivity.

Often, we use our vehicles like offices, operating in a wide-ranging area. Today, smartphone hotspots may no longer suffice as the ad hoc networks needed to appropriately support the capacity and security workloads companies demand. With so many options in the market, choosing between a dongle, MiFi or a self-contained dedicated mobile hotspot can be confusing. Checking carrier availability in your location and selecting the right data rate plan may prove daunting to some. Here is how we can assist!

Confidently ensure constant anywhere-connectivity with Gigabit-Class LTE, Wi-Fi, and services. For a dedicated solution, invest in mobile broadband. Beneficial for those who need to get work done while on the go with nonstop internet connectivity anywhere you have cell network coverage. Utilizing only certified equipment by major carriers, connecting more people, fleets, and businesses to more towers in more places.


  • Taxis
  • Transit
  • Private Motor-Coach
  • Utility Trucks
  • Service Trucks
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Long-Haul Transport

Providing Safe & Secure Connectivity Options

Providing a safe and secure connectivity option for your fleet and those mission-critical applications, these enterprise-grade routers are ruggedized and ready to use right out of the box. Provisioning is done in house so that you get a plug-and-play unit upon arrival of delivery. Purposely built designs made to withstand the harshness of driving conditions like starting and stopping, road vibrations, and environmental factors, fixed wireless communications platform implement concurrent connectivity with multi-carrier and multi-radio routers making failover between providers seamless. Standard with every advanced industrial 4G/LTE wireless router, advanced software is paired to enable high availability, reliability, and secure connectivity. Allowing managed services from your IT or third-party department to easily gain remote access for services such as maintenance, vehicle conditions, reporting, and many more data analytics.