Greenhouse Automation & IoT

Increase yield while reducing cost with a custom built IoT system


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Through the use or precision wireless sensors we provide you with all the required data needed to optimize your operation. Our IoT system allows for the automation of irrigation, nutrient dosing, lighting, climate control &  ventilation. By fine tuning these variables along with automating greenhouse control reduction of operating costs & an increase in yield can be had.

Precision Wireless IoT Sensors

With sensors for every important factor data can be gathered for crop optimization. Insight provided allows for the optimization of environmental variables.

Custom Built Dashboard​

Our custom-built dashboard allows for the monitoring and control of every aspect of your greenhouse. By custom building your system we can ensure that your system is tailored to your needs providing the optimal solution.

Greenhouse Automation

Automaton allows for the precision control of all environmental variables required by your green house to produce the greatest yields at the lowest cost.

Optimize your opperation to increase

Greenhouse Harvest

Increase Yield

By providing your plants with the exact water, nutrients & environment crop yield can be drastically increased.

Greenhouse irrigation

Reduce Resource Usage

Optimal water, light & nutrient levels can be reached through the use of IoT allowing you to reduce over all cost of production.

Smart Farming

Increase Profitability

By increasing crop yield and reducing the usage of resources overall operation profitability is exponentially increased.

IoT PAR sensor

Wireless Sensors For Any Use Case

Our large range of IoT sensors allows us to empower your operation with the exact data needed to optimize your production. 

Greenhouse Dashboard

Custom Built IoT Dashboard

By customizing your IoT system & dashboard we are able to provide the exact needed solution for your greenhouse and budget.

Greenhouse Asset Tracking

Control & Automation

By incorporating precision IoT automation equipment into your system, we are able to automate your greenhouse.

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