Increase Productivity & Safety With IoT

  • Smart Energy
  • Fleet Management & Asset Tracking
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Intelligent Camera Systems
IoT In The Energy And Utilities Market Is Maturing. Moving From Conception To Generalship And Now To Daily Applications Which Are Fashioning Real, Bottom Line Improvements And Delivering Process Efficiencies. Helping Shape Industries In Oil &Gas, Utility Management, And Electricity Grid Management.
Smart Energy Solutions

Energy consumption has become a big issue for decades. As society begins moving towards alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro, the way energy companies generate, transmit, and distribute has changed how customers and businesses manage their electricity. Smart energy technology has allowed the energy grid to distribute energy more efficiently, detecting changes in electricity supply and demand without the need for an operator. Placing sensor networks on distribution lines and substations to gain real-time energy consumption data about voltage control, load switching and preventing costly maintenance on truck-rolls are just some benefits to a smart energy system.

Fleet Management
Fleet Management & Asset Tracking

Transportation in the oil and gas industry requires the movement of many different types of equipment, materials and supplies across a wide range of locations. Equipment tracking made easy with GPS movement signals, maintenance history and much more analytics. Fleet & asset management solutions for work vehicles, tools, and heavy equipment. Optimize your asset movement with real-time detailed insights to improve in operations and maximize your bottom-line.

Public Safety in the park

Environmental Monitoring

Refining the oil and gas industry with IoT environmental monitoring solutions monetize pipeline systems on components like pipes, pumps, and filters. Plant operators empowered by IoT can cut down on manual labor checks no longer relying on human resources. Gain real-time data analytics to significantly reduce major hazards that are associated with pipeline leakages and other unwanted situations. IoT helps refineries monitor things like pipe pressure, flow rate, and other performance parameters in real-time. The IoT allows for more data collection accurately at places not easily accessible by human resources.

Smart Security

Intelligent Camera Systems

Surveillance monitoring systems have long been a successful part of how security is implemented. Today, the oil and gas industry can benefit from an evolving technology once sole purpose was to only record and relay video content now have AI-based software designed to detect VOC gas leaks remotely. With the effective use of infrared imagery, these sophisticated camera systems can detect a multitude of gases leaking in real-time eliminating the need for secondary sampling with a toxic vapor analyzer or similar tool.

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