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Smart Farm Diagram

Changing Agriculture with Smart Greenhouses

In modern times, having smart technology is practically ubiquitous. As the symbiotic growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) become more binary, we start to see an increase in the use and prevalence amongst consumers. People are handing...
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Network Failover Redundancy

Cellular Business FailOver

Business continuity (BC) is keeping up with business’s capacities to maintain operations and rapidly continue them in case of a significant disturbance, regardless of whether brought by inclement weather, construction caused outages or an attack by cyber-criminals. To overcome such...
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Medical Climate Monitoring

IoMT in Medical Refrigeration Temperature Sensors

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the grouping of medical devices and applications that attach to healthcare IT systems. Medical devices equipped with radio frequency transmitters permitting machine-to-machine correspondence which is the premise of IoMT. The development of technology...
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wilsonpro 70 plus signal booster

Cellular Signal Boosters

Cellphones have become more crucial than air nowadays. Individuals are more afraid of losing their cell phones than losing lives, but the cell phone alone is not what attracts us. It is the connections and the ease that it provides...
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