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Limit your risk of exposure to infectious diseases with instantaneous data insight.

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As businesses nationwide resume reopening, planning out a safe return-to-work strategy for employees and their customers is an utmost priority. Practicing protective measures such as disinfecting surfaces, requiring the six feet distance rule, or any other guidelines for reducing risk are imperative for mitigating the spread of disease. Unsuccessfully, none of these measures can prevent a highly infectious sick person from entering an establishment, to begin with.

Incorporate thermal imaging into your screening plan to minimalize human resources tasks to check every person for fever upon entering. Instead of monitoring everyone individually, accurately monitors body temperature readings from a distance with infrared cameras and AI-based software to greatly increase the quality of measures taken to ensure a safer environment to work or visit. Units can be mounted on tripods at the door with alarms that notify you if a person’s elevated skin temperature exceeds the thresholds set. An employee can then use a thermometer or other medical devices to perform secondary checks and collect additional data when necessary.

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InHand Bosy Temperature Reading Kiosk

Open Your Business With Peace Of Mind

Build a frontline defense with a non-medical, stand-alone, AI-driven thermal body temperature detection system to prevent any person with an elevated skin temperature from entering your shop or building. Functions like screencasting, verbal feedback, real-time automatic notifications, and the ability to mount on a desk or stand to make this the ideal contactless solution for businesses. Streamline ques by viewing instantaneous temperature scanning with masks on or off, giving the ability to scan multiple people at a time in rapid succession, so that there are minimal interruptions to normal activities.

Reopen your doors safely with a contactless approach that combines Infrared (IR) and Artificial intelligence (AI) technology into your strategies. Enabling you to measure human body temperature safely and accurately. Protect your front and bottom-lines today.