Bring Your Greenhouse Into The 21st Century

  • Precision Farming
  • Asset Tracking
  • Smart Security
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • As Population Continues To Increase, Agricultural Control Is Crucial In Providing Nutritious Food While Reducing Waste And Chemicals Used In Traditional Farming.
    Greenhouse Dashboard
    Precision Farming

    By enacting an array of sensors your business can optimize resource usage for maximum yield, reducing cost and increasing profitability. Through the use of Precision Farming, you can push your business past the competition. Our custom-built solutions can allow you to quickly maximize your operation by taking advantage of cutting edge IoT solutions.

    Greenhouse Automation​

    Through the use or precision wireless sensors we provide you with all the required data needed to optimize your operation. Our IoT system allows for the automation of irrigation, nutrient dosing, lighting, climate control &  ventilation. By fine tuning these variables along with automating greenhouse control reduction of operating costs & an increase in yield can be had.

    Smart Security
    Smart Security

    DSG provides a wide selection of IoT enabled security devices from smart sensors to wireless camera systems. Protect your assets with the latest in smart technology. Ensure that your business complies with government regulation by utilizing a DSG smart security solution.


    Greenhouse Asset Tracking
    Asset Tracking

    Quickly locate equipment on your farm, ranch or greenhouse.

    Asset Tracking Use Cases:
    • Equipment
    • Vehicles
    • Geo-fencing

    Smart Farm
    Start Your Digital Transformation Today With Data Solutions Group

    Data Solutions Group, Inc. will guide you through every step of your IoT journey. Transform your farm into an intelligent ecosystem that takes advantage of a number of connected devices. Monitor, manage and control numerous environmental variables. A precision farming IoT system ensures that your operation utilizes its resources to there full potential. Contact us today to see how we can help you leverage IoT for your farm or greenhouse.